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I've had a love affair with Chatty Cathy for the last 50 years.  Ever since the very first time I laid eyes on her, I was hooked.  I don't know if it was those two little teeth or that adorable - and so real - pointy finger, but just looking at her made me gaze in wonder at the uniqueness that was Chatty. And when she talked, I melted.

          I never had a Chatty of my own.  I was 11 years old when my little sister received hers in 1963, and I remember pulling her string every chance I got just to hear her talk.  And as everybody knows who had a little sister who was fortunate enough to receive a Chatty from Santa, I was extremely jealous that she had this beautiful doll who could talk to her, when all my dolls simply smiled and looked pretty.  I promised myself that one day I, too, would have my very own Chatty.

          Every one of our dolls has the most gorgeous, thick head of shiny hair you've ever seen.  We've kept them in their original styles and as close as possible to the way they looked when they were first issued.  All of our Chatty's are dressed either in their original clothes or in a meticulously made reproduction. 

          So come on in and visit for awhile.  You'll see some of the most beautiful Chatty's you've ever seen, each and every one just as gorgeous as the next.  And if you don't see that special one who tugs at your heart that you just have to take home, drop us a line and tell us.  And maybe, just maybe next time you visit, there'll be a special one waiting...just for you.