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I have a Question.... 


Q: I've been trying to find a Chatty to replace my childhood doll.  I've asked around and have heard nothing but good things about you and your dolls.  You seem to know more about these dolls than anyone else and I think you're the one I would like to buy my doll from, but I don't see the one I want.  How do I do this?  Do I ask if you can find one for me, or do you maybe have one that just isn't on your website yet?  Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

  What a nice email, thank-you so much for the compliment.  As for your doll, you didn't say which Chatty you were looking for, but if I don't have one for you, yes I can certainly try to find one.  I will need to know which Chatty you had - color hair, bob or pigtail, eye color, etc - and also if you want her in her original outfit or a new one, or you may purchase her undressed.  It may take me awhile to find a nice one for you, but I'm very picky about what I buy, and if a doll isn't nice enough for my own collection, I can't expect her to be nice enough for someone else, either.  If you have a price range you would like to stay in, that would help, also. And then I simply email you when I find her. 


Q: What does it mean when someone says a doll's lips have been 'colorwashed' or 'retouched'?  Is that the same thing as repainted??

  Well....yes.  And this applies to both Barbie and Chatty.  In the Barbie world, the term repainted sounds a little harsh, so the term 'colorwashed' was created as it has a softer sound to it.  But basically it means the same thing - repainted.  For Chatty Cathy dolls, I see the term 'touched' or 'kissed' quite often, especially on eBay (example: "lips have been lightly kissed and sealed").  The difference between the two dolls is, Barbie is usually repainted using acrylic paint just for that purpose, and it's usually done well by a professional.  With Chatty, it is usually done by the person selling her, and more times than not they are using nail polish on the lips.  They will use a pink shade of nail polish (this is the 'touched' or 'kissed' part), and then cover it with a coat of clear nail polish (this is the 'sealed' part).  This is not only something that's not recommended, it obviously doesn't look very nice - nail polish is for nails, not for doll lips.  Also, keep in mind that neither of these processes can be removed well, regardless of what is promised.  Yes, rubbing alcohol will certainly remove polish or even acrylic paint, but often what will be left behind is a not-so-pretty smear around the mouth - the darker the color, the worse the stain.  If you have purchased a doll with repainted lips, whether knowingly or not, it would be better to leave the doll as is rather than trying to remove it.  


Q: I bought a Canadian Chatty on eBay that's not quite as nice as I was hoping she would be.  I have a bob already and wanted a pigtail so I bought her.  Her price was reasonable but I really don't know that much about them other than the eyes are different. I 've been told that the eyes can be switched and you won't even know it.  Is that true?

  Yes it is, I'm sorry to say.  Most will simply go through the inside of the head and cut the sockets to remove the old eyes and insert new ones, but others will go through the front of the face, called 'front-loading', and insert them that way so the sockets aren't cut.  Most of the time you can tell when this has been done as it stretches the socket and tends to give the eyes a very 'wide-eyed' look, or the eyes won't fit correctly and will simply look 'odd', or you may see tiny cracks in the corners.  You will usually notice these tell-tale signs.  But I have heard from other collectors that there are some which are done so well, you can't tell. In any case, it is always a good idea to ask the seller if in doubt.  What you do want to watch for are the descriptions that state: 'Eyes are Original Vintage Chatty Cathy eyes - Guaranteed!', or 'Eyes are Original Chatty Cathy Eyes'.  Well, yes, I'm sure they are, BUT are they original to the doll, meaning are these the eyes that came in that doll.  Simply saying the eyes are original Chatty eyes only tells you exactly that - they're original Chatty eyes.  Period.  BUT that doesn't mean they're original to that particular doll.  Tricky wording is used quite often, especially on eBay, so please be careful and know what you are reading, and if in doubt, ask questions.


Q: You have an auction on eBay right now where you state the doll is one of your personal dolls.  I assume this means she's from your own collection.  I have to admit, she is one of the prettiest Chatty's I've ever seen.  Do you offer your own dolls for sale very often?  After seeing yours, I don't think I want to buy from anyone else!

Well, thank-you so much :)  I do offer my own on occasion when my collection becomes too large, but I also have customers who will email me and ask if they can buy one of my personal dolls.  My own dolls are known for being all original, meaning everything on the doll is original to her, and she is, basically, a beautiful Chatty.  And people who know me know this.  Most of my dolls do not talk because I prefer them factory-sealed, and many collectors simply want one that is still in her original state.  So for someone who is looking for a Chatty that is still original in every sense of the word, they ask for one of mine.


Q: When I send my Chatty in for a 'make-over', can I request how I want her hair done, or can I have it re-rooted?

If you have a particular style in mind, by all means tell me and I will do my best.  Some people like lots of curls, while others prefer a more relaxed style.  I do try to keep Chatty's hairstyle as original as possible, but if you have a special request, I can do that for you.  As for re-rooting, that's not something I do as I prefer to leave the dolls in their original state when at all possible.  If there is alot of hair missing, my solution is to simply dress her in an original Sleepy-time outfit and let that adorable little cap cover her head :)   


Q: I have a Chatty that needs to be restored.  How do I go about sending her to you? 

I prefer you email first to let me know she's coming and what you would like to have done.  That way I can expect her within a few days of talking to you, and I can also double-check on the hairstyle you would like and color ribbon.  I will give you the address of where she is to be shipped at that time.  Ship her undressed, and wrap her well in bubble wrap and peanuts in a large enough box for protection.  If you are having voice repair done, turnaround time is usually 3-4 weeks, and I will contact you when she is finished.  If you're not having her voice repaired and simply want her cleaned and restored (body and hair), turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks.


Q: Do you ever hold a doll for someone until they can send payment for her?  I love the doll you have for sale on your website, but I won't have the money for her until next month.  Also, can I send a check or a money order?  Thanks.

  To be honest, I've had alot of problems in the past doing this.  Most of my customers have a PayPal account, so they can simply send payment immediately by clicking the 'add to cart' links.  In the past, I have had a handful of potential buyers who have asked me to hold the doll for them until they could pay, and I have done so, and almost every single time they don't follow through with the purchase.  This is not only unfair to me, it's unfair to the other buyers I've turned away during the period the doll is on hold.  So to answer that part of your question - I will only hold a doll for someone with a deposit.  This not only tells me you're serious about buying her, it shows good faith. 

As to payment, I only accept PayPal.  It's fast, it's easy, and it's much safer than checks or money orders, for me and the buyer both.  If you don't have a PayPal account, PayPal will allow you to use their website for paying me with a credit card, which is very safe and secure.  They do this as a courtesy to you if the person you're sending payment to has an account with them, which I do.  As I said, most, if not all, of the people who purchase from me have PayPal accounts, but for those of you who do not, you can still send payment through PayPal with a credit card - simply click the 'add to cart' link and it will take you through the steps :)