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" Chatty's Scrapbook"


To the left are two 1963 pigtails, and to the right are two  brunette Chatty Babies.  Don't you just love the doll house?



Above is the very first Chatty from 1959, issued in 1960.  

She is wearing the now-famous two-tone blue jumper 

with white eyelet bolero.  

She is the most sought-after Chatty of all.


I have many customers who, over the years, have shared with me the story of their childhood Chatty....I'm always touched at how much love you all have for one little doll.  Recently while talking with a new customer who wanted to send her doll in for restoration, I came up with the idea of creating a page for all of you to show off photos of your childhood Chatty.  If you have a picture of yourself as a little girl with a cherished doll, whether it be a Chatty Cathy or another doll you loved as a child, please email it to me and I will proudly include it here.


This is such a beautiful drawing that it deserved a place of honor at the top of this page.  This is Tamara, age 8, sketched by her Grandmother in 1962, holding her beloved Chatty.  

At the right are Tamara's own words.

"I remember sitting very still in Grandma Martha's tiny kitchen as she sketched this colored-pencil drawing of me holding my Chatty. It's one of my clearest, most emotionally-charged memories." 

Chatty was a Christmas gift to Tamara the year before, 

in 1961.



This is Linda, whose adorable little doll was the inspiration for this page.  The photo was taken in 1960, when Linda was five years old, with the brightest smile on her face - her Chatty was a gift from Santa that year.



This is Cindy on her 7th birthday, in 1963.  This is actually one of the clearest pictures of a Chatty Cathy I have ever seen.  Look how clearly her face shows in the photo.  Such a pretty little doll...the world had no idea of the impact that one little doll was going to have.



This is Ashley, taken in 1964, with her soft-faced Tiny Chatty Baby.  Her doll is the harder-to-find version with brunette hair.



This is Stacy from 1965, with her very much missed Chatty Cathy,  a hard-faced brunette pageboy, just like Stacy herself.  

Stacy received an identical Chatty from her family for her 50th birthday....Dreams really do come true :>)



This is Pattie on Christmas Day 1960, when she was eight years old.  Pretty little Chatty was a gift from Santa that very morning.  Pattie is one of the lucky ones whose Chatty is still with her (or should I say Chatty is the lucky one to have been loved so much by one little girl)



This is Lori, taken in 1962 when she was three and a half.  Sitting very prim and proper right next to her is Suzy Smart (remember her?).  She received Suzy from Santa that year....she has said the doll was almost as big as her!  Lori also had a Chatty Cathy which will be proudly posted here if a picture can be found. 



And...this is me with my sister from Christmas 1962 - I was ten years old and she was six.  I'm holding my beloved Candy Fashion that I wanted soooo badly, and she is holding her own Suzy Smart.  It was the following year that Chatty came into our home and took a special place in my sister's bedroom - and in my heart.  We have never been able to find an old picture of Chatty but if we do, it will have a place of honor on this page.



This is Jeanne with her cherished brown-eyed Chatty Cathy she received for Christmas in 1961.  This picture was taken the following July when she received the adorable stroller for her birthday.



This is Mary on Christmas Day, 1962.  She was three years old in front of her tinseled Christmas tree, where underneath she found the adorable brunette Chatty Santa had brought her.  Every time I look at Mary's face, I laugh.



...and here is Mary in 1964 at age five, when Santa again brought her a pair of Tiny Chatty Baby Twins.  No wonder she's got such a big smile on her face :)

(...and did anyone notice the adorable Penny Brite doll??)